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Using loginKey gives Error: InvalidPassword

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I am writing the previous username used with the loginKey to a json file.

steamUser.on("loginKey", key => {
  var loginInfo =
    accountName: userInfo.accountName,
    loginKey: key
  var json = JSON.stringify(loginInfo);
  fs.writeFile("./login.json", json, "utf8", err =>
    if (err) {

userInfo is an object containing accountName and rememberPassword which the user enters on startup.


This is the contents of the file "login.json" (Obviously I haven't included the username and loginKey in this post but they are there in the real thing)


I then load this file and use it with the logOn function:

var SteamUser = require("steam-user");
var steamUser = new SteamUser();


var prevLogin = require("login.json");
prevLogin["rememberPassword"] = true;

Then I get this error:

{ Error: InvalidPassword
    at SteamUser.<anonymous> (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/logon.js:458:16)
    at handlers.forEach (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/classes/HandlerManager.js:37:12)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at HandlerManager.emit (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/classes/HandlerManager.js:36:12)
    at SteamUser._handleMessage (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/messages.js:532:24)
    at SteamUser._handleNetMessage (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/messages.js:467:7)
    at SteamUser.processMulti (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/messages.js:559:9)
    at SteamUser.<anonymous> (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/messages.js:553:16)
    at handlers.forEach (/home/lenny/expanddong/steam-user-testing/node_modules/steam-user/components/classes/HandlerManager.js:37:12)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) eresult: 5 }

So clearly I am doing something wrong. Is there some sort of tutorial on the correct way to do it? Or can someone tell me if they spot a mistake?

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