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Steam returning Invalid Ticket for getAuthSessionTicket

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Hello, I've been recently trying to use steam-user to login, and fetch an auth session ticket. After converting the result of the function into hexadecimal and trying to authenticate through steam, I get an "Invalid ticket' error from steam. Any ideas on what I could be screwing up on?


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Yeah, I've debugged it a bunch, and the buffer length from steamworks comes out to be around 312 bytes, while the one from steam-user comes out to be around 306 bytes, ~6 bytes difference, which probably means they just added a new field to the struct. I would RE the steamclient (or whatever respective dll generates the session token), but I'm busy.




After doing more debugging steam seem to be doing something with the app ownership ticket, the one we get from steam is 250 bytes. However, the one i tested against (one from steamworks) is 256 bytes, gonna do some more reversing to find out.

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