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Hello, for some reason I can't login on any Steam accounts.

Node.js version: 12.4.0 / 8.16.0
node-steam-user version: 4.12.2

Debug log (first part, then it repeat immediately inf. amount of times):

Connecting to TCP CM:
TCP connection established
Handled message: ChannelEncryptRequest
Channel encrypt request: protocol 1, universe 1, nonce 2c1378e10fb52fd105a21685874390d8, 0 remaining bytes
Sending message: ChannelEncryptResponse
Handled message: ChannelEncryptResult
Sending message: ClientLogon
Handled message: ClientLogOnResponse
Log on response: TryAnotherCM


console.log('> Loading, please wait.')

const SteamUser = require('steam-user')
const client = new SteamUser()

const logOnOptions = {
  accountName: '***',
  password: '***',

console.log('> Loaded, logging in.')


client.on('loggedOn', () => {
  console.log('> Logged into Steam.')
  client.setPersona(SteamUser.Steam.EPersonaState.Online, 'aeonix.space')
  client.gamesPlayed('Idling', 730)

client.on('debug', console.log)

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TryAnotherCM means the server you connected to isn't accepting connections at this time. Seems like Steam was just down when you tried to log on. Can you try again now?

Still can't, I tried with another developer's Steam module - everything worked, but this module keeps erroring TryAnotherCM.

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