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Best way to track which items I have sent.


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I want to keep track of what item I have sent to a partner. For an example:

I have 10  SAME* items that I want to giveaway to random users. But I need to track which item I have sent, so I don't send 1 unique item to 2 persons as a trade offer.


* By same I mean items with the same market_hash_name



So my questions are:

does assetid change?

can I use just "id" to track which items I have sent?

can an item have no assetid?

can one or more items have the same assetid in ONE inventory


Thanks in advance

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Asset IDs generally won't change if an item is just sitting in your inventory. They will change (for Valve games) if they are "changed" somehow (e.g. renamed in-game) or if they're traded away.


Note that in some circumstances, a trade offer can be sent and accepted, but the actual item exchange might fail and Steam might roll back the trade. If this happens, some (but not necessarily all) of the items in the trade will have their IDs change.

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