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trade-offer-manager cookies memory leak?

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sorry for taking too long to reply

so, I deleted everything from the directory and the directory itself

it is still running around 1.5-1.8gb ram eventhough there's literally no tradable items in the said account compared to the new account where I transferred all of the items, running the same script with just 300-500mb of ram(the buggy account is only run until saving trade-offer-manager cookies)


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is there a way to clear them up?

btw: here's my instance of tradeoffermanger

steamtrademanager = new TradeOfferManager({
 'steam': steam,
 'language': 'en',
 'pollInterval': 5 * 1 * 1000,
 'cancelTime': 1000 * 60 * settings.canceltime,// has value of 30
 'pendingCancelTime': 1000 * 60 * settings.pendingcanceltime // has value of 1


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is it possible to get item descriptions without specifying language in the constructor?



Removing the language from the constructor will certainly reduce memory usage if that's a huge concern for you, but of course you'll lose item description data. If all you really need is the items' asset IDs, then that will work.

forgot about this

On 7/2/2020 at 8:36 AM, Dr. McKay said:

Keeping data about item descriptions in memory is going to use memory.

You can try lowering assetCacheMaxItems.

if I set it to 0 and i set a directory in dataDirectory, will it save me memory usage or 0 and 500 does not have much difference?

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i think i'll just have to do it via commands since the bot can access item's market name and market hash name even without specifying language in the constructor.

btw is it okay to set language in the constructor as blank or really have to remove the language option upon instantiating it?

because i want to run my bot with the option of having it enabled or not and access the language from a json file, blank to disable and en to set

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