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How to accept empty tradeoffers ?

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Hi, I tried to mess around with the module but didn't manage to get the bot to only accept empty tradeoffers.
I want the bot to automatically accept items but never give any.

I'd also like the bot to auto-accept these empty trades where it can receive these items but let the regular 1:1, 2:1 etc tradeoffers pending. So that I can accept or decline them manually.

Thank you very much for the help !

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Check if itemsToGive.length is 0, and itemsToReceive.length is greater than 0. If both tests pass, then accept the offer.


Make sure you check both, as both itemsToGive and itemsToReceive could be empty when the Steam econ server is acting up, even though you might be giving items in that offer.

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To be honest, I'm pretty new to coding and I managed to get this code which is running fine but I have no idea how to implement the options I mentionned above...


var SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity');
var SteamTotp = require("steam-totp");
var steam = new SteamCommunity();
var TradeOfferManager = require('steam-tradeoffer-manager');
var manager = new TradeOfferManager({
  domain: 'charredgrass.github.io', //for api key uses
  language: 'en',
  pollInterval: 30000

var logOnOptions = {
accountName: '*****',
password: '*****',
twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode('*****') 

var identitySecret = '*****';

//logs in via browser
steam.login(logOnOptions, function(err, sessionID, cookies, steamguard) {
if (err) {
console.log('There was an error logging in! Error details: ' + err.message);
process.exit(1); //terminates program
} else {
console.log('Successfully logged in as ' + logOnOptions.accountName);
manager.setCookies(cookies, function(err) {
if (err) {
steam.startConfirmationChecker(10000, identitySecret); 

manager.on('newOffer', processTrade);

function processTrade(offer) {
console.log('New trade from ' + offer.partner);
offer.accept(function(err) {
if (offer.itemsToGive.length == 0 && offer.itemsToReceive.length > 0) {
    offer.accept() }
if (err) {
console.log('Error accepting offer: ' + err.message);
} else {
console.log('Successfully accepted an offer.');

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