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sessionExpired -> multiple reconnecting

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I set some sessionExpired function, that reconnect the bot to steam when its expired. But when it expires, it reconnect the bot multiple times.

The command below send about 20 messages that theres an error, and the error is fixed. Also in console it looks like (picture).

Does anyone know wheres the problem ?

community.on("sessionExpired", function(err) {

    client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").send('<:false:750799883572609245> **There was an error, fixing the error... <:repairing:755511536423927909>**')
    .then(sentMessage => sentMessage.delete({ timeout: 4000 }))
    client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").send('<:true:750799921497505913> **Error is fixed, you can try again !**')
    .then(sentMessage => sentMessage.delete({ timeout: 4500 }))
    client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").updateOverwrite(message.guild.roles.everyone, {
        SEND_MESSAGES: true
        .then(channel => console.log('Channel unmute'))
    if (client2.steamID == undefined) {

      client2.on('loggedOn', () => {

        console.log('Steam Bot is running !');

    } else {
      client2.webLogOn(); //relogin to Steam or refresh tradeoffer-manager cookies


   //add your handling code here, for example: if (sendofferError == true){ //do stuff }


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You're adding a new loggedOn event listener every time you log on, so it's going to get called multiple times. You should only have one loggedOn listener.

Also you probably don't need to call logOn in the sessionExpired event since steam-user automatically attempts to log back on when it gets disconnected, unless the error event gets emitted.

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