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Trade Handling Request or Wait for Trade?

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Hey guys,

i'm currently upgrading my system and build a solid bot solution like e.g. csgohunt use. We got this with different bots which accept incomming trades and send them to a payout bot (collect all items) + send the user a offer.


But there is still the delay when the trade is pending between accepted and received... on the deposit bot ...


So now i'm thinking about something like let the user select the items on a Interface and my bots send them a trade with the specific item ids.


In my opinion that would be much faster if i'm right bec the user got the "delay" and not my system.


Delay: Tradehistory not available for a while when the items are pending between the user and my account.


Anybody got experience if there is a difference between deposit and request a trade?

Also is there a difference if i request 50 or 100 items from different users at the same time?


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If i'm right the package just use the same functions as the normal web interface of steam.


Tryed out:

If i accept a large "deposit" trade i've got the timeout on my tradeoffer page and the opposite side doesn't have this delay/message or what ever its called.

So if i'm right the polling errors appear sometimes bec of this delay/message.

So if i request the trades it should be much less problems. Since you told me you're not using the function to wait for a deposit rather you request the items by the id?

There is one more question i got here.


Are there any limitations i don't know yet ?

- Max 30 Pending Trades at the same time? -> Enable a second bot if this is reached.

- any more?

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Since you told me you're not using the function to wait for a deposit rather you request the items by the id?


I'm not sure what you're asking here.


Limits I can recall off the top of my head are max 30 active sent offers at one time, max 5 active sent offers to one user at one time, and various IP rate-limits which should only affect offer.send() and offer.getReceivedItems().

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