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Hello. I wonder is it possible to stack rust items? For example, i want to group 4 items into one with amount: 4. The red box shows stacked items with amount 33. Is this possible to be done by some module or something? Like i have 100 pants and i want do convert it to one item with amount 100. Thanks in advice, stay safe!


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Yeah, im using 2 bots for trading, one for storage and one which is used for the withdraws/deposits in one file. They are sending offers each other. If i take amount 2 by item with amount 10 (10 stacks) there will be 2 items with amounts 2 and 8, but i cant really group them back. Thats the point.

I guess they have tons of these items in stacks and they are just giving prizes by names and not assetids. No idea how they do it, but yeah. Lets say i deposited 10 items with different asset ids, if i win, they are giving me item with one asset id and amount 10. I guess im rly SOL

Still thanks for your help dude. Best of luck and stay safe!

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