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so i have this code right there, it report for a specific game how can i do to report for "compromised account"

var options = {
                                    formData: {    sessionid: sessionID, json: 1, abuseID: config.id, eAbuseType: 10, abuseDescription: 'Cheating in the recent matches.', ingameAppID: config.appid },
                                    headers: { Cookie: cookies, Host: 'steamcommunity.com', Origin: 'https://steamcommunity.com' },
                                    json: true
                                        'https://steamcommunity.com/actions/ReportAbuse/', options,
                                        function (err, res, data) {
                                            if (err) {
                                                console.log('err', err); failed++; allFailed++;
                                            if (!err) {
                                             if (data == 1) { console.log('[%s] Successfully reported with response code %s'.green, logOnOptions.accountName, data); success++; allSuccess++;}
                                             else if (data == 25) { console.log('[%s] Already reported. Response code %s'.red, logOnOptions.accountName, data); failed++; allFailed++; }
                                             else { console.log('[%s] something went wrong. Response code %s'.red, logOnOptions.accountName, data); failed++; allFailed++;}

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Someone can explain me why I have statusCode 401 Unauthorized(data: You must be logged in to perform that action) ? I know it's meaning. 'I'm not logged in" but I don't have any ideas how to pass it.





v2.1.0 or later is required to use this property The instance of request used by node-steamcommunity. This will contain your login cookies if you've logged in or set cookies. The version of request that node-steamcommunity uses is defined in package.json and may change at any time.


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