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Automated way to create a contract in CS:GO (tradeup).


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Hello Dr. McKay. First of all I would like to thank you for all those awesome tools your created. I use some of them for automated confirmations. Really awesome job!


I was wondering if there is any way how to cooperate with GC about contracts. As far as I googled and searched across repositories, I haven't found anything specific to this task. But, as far as I know, SteamKit can help me (somehow?) to analyze traffic between csgo and Steam servers (so I can decipher protobuf schema?). And then I can use it somehow in my preferred node.js env (since I am js dev). But all those steps are pretty much "blurred" from my understanding (since I dont understand C#, for example, and I also don't know all the details of how to communicate with GC in proper way), so maybe you can help me choose right tools and direct me somewhere.


Thanks in advance!

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