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Packet filtering/blocking based on steamid?


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Hi, i saw you did some work with steam relay on github and was curious if you had any insight on a problem im having with Destiny 2.(love the name btw stargate atlantis was amazing)

Previously on destiny 2 you could use netduma os on routers to limit who was able to connect to you through ping/ip/location filters.  Which allowed people to que into each other purposely and avoid queing into others.  This worked great for years to avoid laggy games and also make doing some quests easier.  Problem is people used this to DDOS each other and bungie implemented the steam relay server stuff.  Now you obviously can't use the same solution since the ping and ip address are both altered from the traffic being relayed through the steam servers. 

As im sure you are aware the packets include peoples steam IDs.  Which i assume means i could setup a filter on wireshark to tell me when im queing into my friend but the problem is it's still going to que me into everyone else and it would take potentially hours to que into a friend.  I know this is possible because there is a guy selling these sort of services to help with quests on cheating websites.  One of my friends bought the service and he was able to direct que into his 2nd account in the same house repeatedly in a row never running into anyone else.

Which means he has a way to automatically block anyone from connecting to him that isn't the correct steamid(assuming there isnt some other trick that im not thinking about to make it work??).  You can set firewall rules to block queing from putting you with anyone period and that does apparently work to allow you to solo que into activities that don't require other players.  So i guess it could be approached from either angle of either blocking everyone but the correct steamid or only allowing the correct steamid through.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  The netduma devs aren't exactly being helpful about this even though they market the routers for improving destiny 2 and alot of us have routers that no longer serve their purpose :(

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