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How to use the login function of steam-user package if I am logging a user through open-id ?


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I have tried out the node-steam-user and node-globaloffensive  package but I've logged in manually till now using username and password. Now I'm changing the manual login method to O-Auth/openid just like the "login with steam" feature on this site.

Is there a way to use the logOn function of node-steam-user package by using the result obtained from the o-auth login. Because as far as I know, o-auth login only provide some profile info and steam ID. But I don't think that will be enough for the lognOn function to log in. My main goal is to login the user through steam and extract it's profile information obtained from node-steam-user and node-globaloffensive packages. But many functions in both packages, specially the node-globaloffensive package functions require to call the logOn function first and connect to game cordinator.

Thankyou in advance for the help

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So I won't be able to use the above packages if I use the open-id login ? If no then is there any other option to get user's stats like competitve rank etc. One that your packages are providing and can't get from steam's public api ? Because I've seen some sites displaying player's stats after logging in through steam.

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Ok thanks a lot for the replies. Just one thing. If I let players login to their steam account using the traditional username password way on my site, is it ok to do so? Maybe if we add terms that we won't be saving your password etc. Am I allowed to do so ?

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