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Trades getting cancelled

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I am currently using steam-tradeoffer-manager and I am running into some issues with trades getting cancelled. I don't use / have set any property, my constructor looks like this:

new TradeOfferManager({
            steam: this.client, // steam-user client.
            community: this.community, // steamcommunity
            language: 'en',
            pollInterval: 15 * 1000, // 15 seconds poll interval

Even though I havent set any property that should (according to the source code) cancel any trades, some are cancelled. Trades get sent and within (usually 20-60 seconds) the trades are cancelled the code I am using never cancels a trade offer itself so I am guessing that it's the module or me incorrectly using the module.

Any help is appreciated, the person who helps me solve this will receive 4 TF2 Keys as compensation for helping me.


EDIT: I am running 2 bots on one IP, could this cause some issue?

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After further investigation it seems like the offers just get canceled, I don't cancel them my self and neither does the module. I don't have a single clue on what is happening.

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Just now, Dr. McKay said:

I'd recommend changing your Steam account password and API key. It sounds like it's possible that somebody else has access to your account.

The accounts have never been used to sign into a website before (except backpack.tf) and we know what we are doing, doubt that this is the case but I will still try.

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After looking into this more I am beginning to believe that we actually are not getting hijacked, if that was the case then all of the sent offers would have gotten canceled? I am currently getting around 4-7 canceled offers every 30-50 trades.

I also checked logs and neither am I or the module (sentOfferCanceled) canceling the offers.

Could this be an issue with Steam or me using the module improperly or missing something?

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If you aren't using the cancelTime option, there shouldn't be any reason why the module would cancel trades on its own. The trades are going into the Canceled state and not Declined, right?

Maybe whatever you're using to confirm the trades is wigging out and canceling them from there...

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Posted (edited)

The trades go from sent to canceled but the weird part is that I am able to send the offers and they are sent for 30-40 seconds and then they get canceled.


EDIT: I am using SteamCommunity.acceptConfirmationForObject

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