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How to get names for items in a casket(storage unit)


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Basically the title. As far as I understand when using getCasketContents the items array doesn't have the name of the items that are stored in it. Is there any way to determine the name of the item and only remove let's say "Shattered Web Cases" from the storage unit?

Secondly is there a limit to how many items I can remove from the casket per second? Looks like I can only remove 50 for some reason

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The way the CS:GO item system works is pretty insane and it's a fool's errand to try to decode item names out of the data sent back from the GC. Your best bet is to keep track of what item IDs correspond to which items before you put them in the casket, then refer back to that mapping when you want to retrieve stuff.

The CS:GO game client only removes one item from the casket at a time, and waits until it's removed before removing another one. You probably shouldn't try to remove items much faster than that, or else you might get on Valve's bad side.

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