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[Suggestion] Steam Awards


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So currently on steam, you can give awards to users via the golden badge at the right of their profile, you can also do this to their screenshots, reviews, artwork etc.

There are multiple type of awards, 21 of them in total, so there should be an option to select the award you would like to give.

Example implementation:

community.award({ recipient: "https://steamcommunity.com/id/lcl", type: 4 }, function (err) {
	if (!err){
		console.log("Gave award to recipent successfully!");
	} else {
		// This should say something like "You don't have enough Steam Points to give the recipent an award!"

In addition, there should also be a getPoints() function for the currently logged in user.

Example implementation:

community.getPoints({ /* Nothing here since you can only get the amount of points from yourself */ }, function (err, points) {
	if (points){
		console.log(`You have ${points} points!`);

Note that there is also https://steamcommunity.com/id/lcl/awards/, but I don't think an implementation for that is needed since you can get the needed info from parsing the HTML.

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