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Getting SteamID64 For The LoggedIn Account (steamcommunity)?


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Hi, is there a possiblity to get steamId64 [76561198097242611] for the current loggedIn account with (steamcommunity) ?

Searched on the github for that and found that its used on CSteamUser, and other parts of the library together with `steamid` module.

Im using async in the script to loop many accounts for some actions, and cant there is no way to put id for each account.

Is there anything to replace '????' with current loggedIn account such as with sessionID or cookies...


CSteamUser works with steamcommunity module √


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  • SENPAY98K changed the title to Getting SteamID64 For The LoggedIn Account (steamcommunity)?
8 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

Use community.steamID.getSteamID64(); no need to call getSteamUser to get your SteamID.

Logging into a different account with the same SteamCommunity instance that was previously logged in isn't really supported. You should create a new SteamCommunity each time.

Great, works exactly as expected :D

I guess other CSteamUser function works with community as well since its contained inside steamcommunity module,

am i wrong?

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