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Still asking for guard after 5 minutes?


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So I tried making a bot, that would run 24/7 and when he gets kicked off the account (I'm playing smth) it will wait random delay, and try to relog.

This is my code for handling the disconnect and errors:

user.on('error', (err) => {
    log(`${err}`, 'err');
    if(err == 'Error: LoggedInElsewhere') return relogAfterDelay();
user.on('disconnected', (resultCode, message) => {
    const error = enums.EResult[resultCode];
    if(error === 'LoggedInElsewhere' || error === 'AlreadyLoggedInElsewhere' || error === 'NotLoggedOn') return relogAfterDelay();
    log(`${loginDetails.accountName} | ${error} | Disconnect message: ${message}`, 'err');

And here is my relogAfterDelay function:

function relogAfterDelay(){
    const delay = Math.round(1200000 * Math.random());
    log(`${loginDetails.accountName} | Disconnected! Relogging in ${Math.round(delay/1000)} second(s)!`, 'inf');
    setTimeout(() => {
        log(`Relogging...`, 'inf');
    }, delay);

These are the logs I got:

11/27/2022 11:24:46 INF Logged in as LOGIN (STEAMID).
11/27/2022 11:24:46 INF Game idle started.
11/27/2022 11:24:48 ERR Error: LoggedInElsewhere
11/27/2022 11:24:48 INF LOGIN | Disconnected! Relogging in 327 second(s)!
11/27/2022 11:30:15 INF Relogging...
Steam Guard App Code:

I've read that if you ask to login in 30 seconds delay from logging in with the guard code you will need to wait/pass next one manually, but as you can see the code waited more than 5 minutes, and it still asked for code.

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8 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

Every time you login with your password to an account that has mobile 2FA enabled, you'll need to supply a code. It doesn't matter how long you wait.

I have my Shared Secret provided in the login details, so what should I do?

const loginDetails = {
    accountName: `x`,
    password: `x`,
    twoFactorCode: steamTotp.generateAuthCode(`x`),
    rememberPassword: true,
    machineName: 'x',
    clientOS: 20

Can the problem be in syntax? I wonder if manually assigning new code to the loginDetails.twoFactorCode like this:

loginDetails.twoFactorCode = steamTotp.generateAuthCode(`x`);

I'll try that and come back

Well it works, thanks

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