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Spike RAM usage


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Hi, I created a bot that only have task to auto accept trade and deployed it in 2GB Linux VPS. When I start the bot it's fine, but after about 10-20 seconds, the memory usage will spike until max and the bot crashed. I tried to run in my local that have 16GB RAM and I noticed the same spike at every 10-20 seconds interval and will eat around 1.5GB-2GBish of the RAM. So my question is the requirement for RAM must be higher than 2GB or I did something wrong? For reference, my code almost the same as in https://github.com/prasunroy/steam-bot/blob/master/bot.js . I deleted everything and left only the part of "manager.on('newOffer')".

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Memory usage is normal when you're specifying a language to the TradeOfferManager constructor, which retrieves item descriptions automatically. If you have very limited memory and are processing a lot of trades, then you want to omit your language to opt out of receiving item descriptions.

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