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How to find download size of a game / find depots belonging to a game

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Hello, I am completely new to using this library. I want to be able to find the download size of a game from my application. SteamDB does have this functionality (you can see the depots belonging to a game, and for each depot you can see the size), so there must be a way to do it; however, I wasn't able to achieve this with just the Steam Web API (do tell me if there is a way to do it with just the web api), and was thus wondering if I could do it using node-steam-user. I would greatly appreciate your help.

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Posted (edited)

That didnt really work, now it was looking like this:


SteamUser seems to be a class, so I tried

const steamuser = new SteamUser();

and then when trying to use


I got this error:


Sorry if I am bothering too much, I am pretty new to node and js in general.

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Not yet, I wanted to try if this part works first, and I assumed that I wouldn't get an error like this, but rather one telling me to log on. But I guess I can try doing that first. By the way, is there a tutorial or something for using this library?

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You need to log on to do anything. You can just log on anonymously if all you want to do is call getProductInfo. I'll grant that it would be ideal to have a more descriptive error when you try to call a method before logging on, but I just haven't gotten around to updating all hundred+ functions to throw such an error.

That said, the error you got isn't because you aren't logged on. It's because you didn't call getProductInfo with the expected arguments.

There are a few example scripts on GitHub.

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I still get a "not a function" error.
minimal reproducible code:

import SteamUser from 'steam-user';

await SteamUser.logOn({anonymous: true, machineName: 'Test', clientOS: 16});


nvm, i forgot this line

var client = new SteamUser();


It works now, but getProductInfo seems to be stuck without doing anything

console.log('logging on to Steam..');

await client.logOn({anonymous: true});

console.log('logged on');

console.log('getting product info..');

const product_info = await client.getProductInfo([10], []);

console.log(`product_info: ${JSON.stringify(product_info)}`);


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Depots don't belong to betas; they might have a beta option though. What the Steam client calls a "beta" is actually a branch. The default branch is called "public", and any other branch is available in the beta tab of Steam. Public branches have their manifests listed plainly in appinfo (see the public and beta manifests in your screenshot; they match so both branches contain the same content for that depot). For private branches, you have to request the manifest info from Steam using the password.

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I'm asking because with a game like this for example, I would assume that the "DUSK SDK" depot only gets downloaded when you opt into the "dusk_sdk" branch, but it looks like it's also there with the public branch.

Actually in this case it might actually be downloading the data even if you don't opt into the beta, because this seems to match the download size that Steam shows me (Dusk Content + Dusk SDK + Soundtrack):

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Yeah, it would be downloading all depots even if you aren't opted into a beta.

maxsize is, as far as I'm aware, the size of the biggest build of that depot. Steam just assumes the worst and shows you the size of the largest build in a depot when you're downloading.

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I found something strange: For the game Fallout: New Vegas, "depots" isn't located at appinfo.depots, but instead at appinfo.install.registry.hkey_local_machine\\\\software\\\\bethesda softworks\\\\falloutnv.depots
Why are the depots part of this object relating to the registry?

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