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Get a full skin name from item object


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Is there an easy way of getting the skin name from the returned item object? I am connected to csgo gc.

Received a new item: {
  attribute: [
    { def_index: 6, value: null, value_bytes: <Buffer 00 40 42 44> },
    { def_index: 7, value: null, value_bytes: <Buffer 91 e6 b6 43> },
    { def_index: 8, value: null, value_bytes: <Buffer bb 9a 5c 3d> }
  equipped_state: [],
  id: '31314802955',
  account_id: 1173725743,
  inventory: 3221225482,
  def_index: 36,
  quantity: 1,
  level: 1,
  quality: 4,
  flags: 0,
  origin: 24,
  custom_name: null,
  custom_desc: null,
  interior_item: null,
  in_use: false,
  style: null,
  original_id: null,
  rarity: 1,
  position: 0,
  paint_index: 777,
  paint_seed: 365,
  paint_wear: 0.053858499974012375


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I've never bothered trying to fully re-create item descriptions using GC data, mostly since there are so many edge cases that it becomes a massive headache. That said, items_game.txt in the game files contains all the data you need to do it (well, that and the localization files to get human-readable strings out of i18n tokens).

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@haveaniceday Were you able to generate item_names from the game files? I've attempted this but ive always just gotten a bunch of unreadable random text. 


Perhaps my api would be of use? its slightly dated and doesnt contain Paris 2023 or anubis collection skins yet, but this could easily be scraped from steam market or something. The JSON structure is formatted by the following:


Feel free to use this API as needed: https://api.steammarketmaster.com/api/skindb

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