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CSGO Inspect Item Inconsistent


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I've had somewhat weird behavior inspecting items using the globaloffensive nodejs library. For reference, I use a proxy provider that changes locations whenever requested, so whenever I start the bot, it is from a new IP/location every time, if that helps explain the issue. So I'm using the global offensive nodejs library, I've successfully been able to give it a steam inspect link and it has returned the appropriate response, however at random times I just end up not getting a response anymore. I can literally go to sleep with the same inspect link and the same code giving me a response, and then the next morning I re-run my code and it just does not give a reply to the ECONPreview request. Is there any reason why this behavior might happen? The same bot, code, and inspect link are used every time. The only thing changing might be the location/IP of the proxy. 

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