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I can't understand why the execution time of Node.js 10s


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console output:
Login: starlivovsky5 completed successfully

Total accounts connected: 1 from 1
All accounts are successfully connected.
Process Node.js ended with code 0
Function execution time: 10.006s
PS C:\Users\Kast0l\Desktop\tetst script>

Please help me solve this problem or at least understand what it is

const SteamUser = require("steam-user");
const SteamTotp = require("steam-totp");
const accounts = require("./accounts.js");
let totalConnectedAccounts = 0;
const logInAccounts = async () => {
    for (let account of accounts) {
        const client = new SteamUser
        const logInOptions = {
            accountName: account.accountName,
            password: account.password,
            twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode(account.sharedSecret)
        try {
            await new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                client.once("loggedOn", () => {
                    console.log(`Login: ${account.accountName} completed successfully`);
                client.once("error", (err) => {
                    console.log(`Ошибка при входе для аккаунта ${account.accountName}: ${err}`);
        } finally {
            await client.logOff();
    console.log(`\nTotal accounts connected: ${totalConnectedAccounts} from ${accounts.length}`);
    console.log("All accounts are successfully connected.");
    console.time("Function execution time");
    process.on('exit', (code) => {
        console.log(`Process Node.js ended with code ${code}`);
        console.timeEnd("Function execution time");
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If there's a request outstanding when you call logOff(), it has to wait for the request to timeout before the Node.js process can exit. There's a bunch of requests that get made internally when you first log on; you're better off waiting a second or so after loggedOn is emitted before calling logOff().

In the future I'll try to add a mechanism to cancel outstanding requests when we log off, but it's not quite as simple as it first sounds.

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