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CS sendToGC Not Getting Reply

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import {
} from "csgo-protobuf";
import SteamUser from "steam-user";

const payload = new CMsgGCCStrike15_v2_MatchListRequestFullGameInfo({
    matchid: 3679454899302563903n,
    outcomeid: 3679460199292207251n,
    token: 16014,

const user = new SteamUser();
user.logOn({ accountName: "forum_win", password: "" });
user.on("debug", msg => {
    console.log("DEBUG", msg);
user.on("error", msg => {
    console.log("error", msg);
user.on("disconnected", (e, m) => console.log("DISCONNECTED", e, m));
user.on("loggedOn", () => {
    user.sendToGC(730, 9147, {}, Buffer.from(payload.toBinary()));
user.on("receivedFromGC", (appid, msgType, payload) => {
    console.log(`Received message ${msgType} from GC ${appid} with ${payload.length} bytes`);

user.on("appQuit", () => {

Following logic found:

Trying to leverage steam-user to call protobuf GC, but never receinving receivedFromGC event. Using the @types as well. Tried stepping through and have had no luck. Wondering if there's just a miss in the implementation.

Tried encoding the protobuf payload using a few different npm libs such as protobufjs and copying proto from: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/Protobufs/blob/master/csgo/cstrike15_gcmessages.proto#L41

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!pre widget

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