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Hi everyone i have been using steamcommunity, steam-user, steam-totp and steam-tradeoffer-manager for my bot (it is a card trading bot)


This morning i opened to check if the bot missed some of the trades on the trade offers page and i got a captcha there saying that im requesting the trade offer page a lot of times.

my bot is set to check for trades each 45 seconds, and confirms each 45 seconds, and after that it does a 5 minute check up (just in case it missed some of the trades) 

did anyone had similar issues? 







There have been a lot of requests to your trade offers page. This may be caused by browser extensions accessing your trade offers too frequently.
To continue to your trade offers page, please enter the code below:



I did the captcha and increased the bot times (slowed it down) , and after 5 minutes the same thing appeared, im using enhanced steam and steam inventory helper. but that thing appeared when i opened the browser.


So did anyone had similar problems? should i be worried. 

I shut it down for a while

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