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Trade confirmations seem stuck


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I've been using node-steam-tradeoffer-manager flawlessly for months, and I'm suddenly running into trouble, with my script accepting offers continuously, but it seems unable to confirm afterwards. Gift offers are accepted as usual, but all offers requiring confirmation are stuck.


I checked manually using Steam Desktop Authenticator, and the "Trade Confirmations" window is stuck, either unable to load pending confirmations, or loading a buggy shitload of confirmations.


Anyone experiencing such a behavior ? Steam related ?


Thx for any input :-)

Happy botting !

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After investigating a bit more with all my accounts : all are working as usual, except the stuck account.


The stuck account displays a 504 Gateway Timeout Error when loading confirmations on SDA, and the same behavior seems to happen with my node-steam-tradeoffer-manager script.


I'm highly concerned, since this account holds a growing amount of thousands of items dispatched all over the internet ;-)

Pleeeeeease, any kind of advice ?

Cheers !

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No idea, ask Valve.


Yes, I just did. I guess they will ask me about the device I use for Steam Guard Mobile confirmations, and I don't know what I can answer without being rejected / banned :

"Steam Desktop Authenticator" ? "API access through node-steam-tradeoffer-manager" ?


Any good answer to feed them ?

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