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How to get your own name in console (and other users (optional))


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Hey, I started using Node.js and javascript a short time ago.


I was trying to display my own username in console after logon. And if that worked, I'd try for others.

I was hoping if you could help me.


This is my code: 

client.on('loggedOn', function() {
    console.log("[Steam-BOT] Logged in as " + client.steamID);
    var botSteamID = [client.steamID];

    var clientName = client.getPersonas(botSteamID);

So I thought this was the way to go but, clientName stays unidentified. 


I do not know what I am doing wrong


Thanks in advance!

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After some time having trouble with it (as I am new), I got it to work! Thanks so much dude! for everyone else wondering.. I used this:

client.on('friendMessage', function(steamID, message) {		
    friendID = [steamID];
    client.getPersonas(friendID, function(getName) {
        var x = getName[friendID];
        var friendName = x.player_name;

        console.log("[FriendlyMessage] " + friendName + ": " + message);

Brackets could be wrong because my code didn't stop there and I am correcting it within the text editor


I do have another question and I don't know if I should ask it here?

But, what are the numbers for friendrelationships??

I know 2 is friend request send to me. But where can I find it.. because I am having trouble finding everything...  :mellow:  :mellow:


EDIT: After actually turning my brain on.. I checked within the files of your node and found a file with the numbers.... Shit I'm stupid... Thanks anyway!! GREAT SHIT DUDE!!!

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