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changeEmail results in TypeError: callback is not a function


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Hi There,


Having a callback issue with the changeEmail command. Any help would be very appreciated.


Code: (logOnOptions removed)

function ChangeEmail(password){
        client.changeEmail(password, myemail, function(err) {
        emailDone = true; // just a poor handler, still get error without it.

client.on('loggedOn', function() { console.log("Logged into Steam"); ChangeEmail(password); });  


TypeError: callback is not a function

I have also tried simplifying to:

client.changeEmail(password, myemail);

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Apologies I must be missing something but I can't spot it.


  • password and new email are mandatory options;
  • code, twofactor, sms are optional (code is optional in first instance)
  • callback is optional; i've tried setting err & smsemail

Could you give me a gentle nudge in the right direction please?

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