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getting 429 on acceptConfirmationForObject


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hi Doc!


i'm calling steamcommunity.acceptConfirmationForObject with the offer id and getting a 429 back.


i'm also running steamcommunity.startConfirmationChecker but on a slow schedule (once every 2 minutes) - this is to catch any possibly failed confirmations.


the code works in a debug environment, the 429 is only in production (not surprisingly).


the weird thing is that all outstanding confirmations go through when the automatic confirmation checker runs, just not the acceptConfirmationForObject call which return 429s every time.


i'm using steam-tradeoffers.makeOffer to create the offers and then call acceptConfirmationForObject in makeOffer's callback


is it possible that the problem is both calls are made to the web api too quickly?  should i put the acceptConfirmationForObject on a timeout?


any ideas welcome!


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How frequently are you sending offers that need confirmation?


not really very often - each bot will need to confirm once every 5 minutes at peak so between all of them 3 times per minute?


i've added some debug code via the postHttpRequest hook but of course now i'm getting 200s Â¯\_(ツ)_/¯


will report back the next time a 429 is encountered




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ok, got the 429 again, it was on the GET https://steamcommunity.com/mobileconf/conf, so the list.  looks it happens from time to time on the automatic checks as well.  i restarted the bot and got 200s.  maybe i should log out log in and pass new cookies to Steamcommunity from time to time?


also, i should note that a few days ago the bots got into an ugly loop for a few hours pounding the hell out of https://steamcommunity.com so perhaps the IP is on some shit list.



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more info - this is _super_ weird...  got a 429 on the GET https://steamcommuni...mobileconf/conf generated by acceptConfirmationForObject but the following GET https://steamcommuni...mobileconf/conf (and subsequent accept via GET https://steamcommunity.com/mobileconf/ajaxop in the automated check worked.


my guess now is that i need to just do the accept on a timeout.  gonna try that and will let you know.

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