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inviteToGroup(userSteamID, groupSteamID)


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Is their a counterpart within steam-user to allow the removal of a member of a group?


For context - I have a clan of 100+ CS:GO players and we're currently using the bot to fetch the ranks of each member and invite them to a rank-based sub-group.


Over time their rank has the potential too change and as a result they'll need removing from the old group and inviting to a new one. I've written code to this effect but can't find a removeFromGroup(userSteamID, groupSteamID)


I accept I may need to code something myself but don't want to reinvent the wheel.  Also given how comprehnsive steam-user is.. if it has been ommited I suspect their may be a valid reason I should be aware of before embarking on my own effort.

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