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I apologize for my, perhaps, stupid question, and for bad English. Tell me please, where is the body of the method "getUserInventoryContents", I want to learn how to correctly get data about inventory items (which endpoint is responsible for this request) of the user, and how this data is processed. I can not find the file I need on the github. Thank you in advance!

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Thanks you very much!


I want to ask one more question. It touches stickers. If the item has a sticker, then in the response we get information about them in the form of a html piece in the description array. I write in PHP, I get very ugly code, the cycles in which I use preg_match () and preg_match_all () to find mention of stickers (and stattrak). I would like to ask, can I somehow get information about stickers separately, in a readable form? Perhaps there are endpoints? I want to maintain a sticker table with a many-to-many relation with a table of items.

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