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  1. name_exact:"1" seems to be working now.
  2. Trying to get get exact search when searching sales... opskins.search({app:'730_2', search_item:'operation hydra case'}, function(err, sales){ if(err){ }else{ var itemToBuy = {saleid: [sales[0].id], total: sales[0].amount}; } });will yield me only hydra case keys... when I try adding name_exact:"1" I do not get any cases. Is there a way to get this to search and return only operation hydra cases?
  3. Thanks for the link but what exactly are the advantages vs disadvantages vs each?
  4. What are the advantages of using real time trade vs making an offer with polling? Any disadvantages? Also, is there a way to create a real time trade with node-steam-tradeoffer-manager? I dont see anything in the docs about it.
  5. You could pay and use csgoanalyst api. Another more affordable option -- http://csgo.steamlytics.xyz/ (i'm not affiliated with any of these, just suggesting) You could also use opskins api that has reliable pricing data - which is free (check out their npm sdk). The other way is parsing the steam market data and getting the sale price but i would recommend one of the above options.
  6. So the codes are different. I tried disabling two factor on my phone and re-ran the steps I mentioned above and it worked. It appears if I want to have twoFactor enabled on my phone I need pull my shared and identity secret off my phone. Does this make sense?
  7. It works with another account I have that I pulled the shared secret from my phone. I'll try the offset edit: didn't have an offset. I'll check my shared secret on my phone and see if they match with what was generated with enableTwoFactor
  8. I'm using steam-totp to automate logging in like so... and it's prompting me for a steam guard code: user.logOn({ accountName: 'user', password: 'pass', twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode(this.shared_secret) });I first used user.createAccount()Then I used user.enableTwoFactor() and saved the response from calling enable two factor. { shared_secret: '***', serial_number: '***', revocation_code: '***', uri: '***', server_time: '***', account_name: 'user', token_gid: '***', identity_secret: '***', secret_1: '***=', status: 1 } I then finalized my two factor user.finalizeTwoFactor(shared_secret, smsCode) After this I logged into the steam mobile app - it prompted me for a steamguard code... so i clicked send SMS code to use this device and when I entered the code it allowed me to log into the steam mobile... I have a feeling that this overrode my enableTwoFactor details I saved earlier... Can anybody comment on this?
  9. You're right, there isn't. However I was able to find all the data I need with this node module. https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-csgo-parser#CSGODataParser You can grab all the weapons and rarity data from your game files and save them to a db that way. Very handy.
  10. Only way I know how to is to call the https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/AK-47%20%7C%20Redline%20%28Field-Tested%29 for example and grab the rarity type there. Is there an api i'm missing somewhere to get this?
  11. Just the market hash name. How can I get it from the market using steam-community? the https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/wiki/CMarketItem doesn't have the rarity
  12. Without having to make a call to either steam inventory or get user inventory as the docs say to get a CEItem... is there another realible way to find the rarity type of an item either by calling steam? Or will I need to resort to come kind of community market scrapping to find the rarity type I want for an item not in a steam inventory. Thanks
  13. Error: Not Logged In at SteamCommunity.<anonymous> (/node_modules/steam-tradeoffer-manager/lib/classes/TradeOffer.js:486:25) at Request._callback (/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/http.js:67:15) I'm passing a steam community object into my trade offer manager like so var myCommunity = new SteamCommunity(); var client = new SteamUser(); var offerMananger = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, language: "en", cancelTime: 300000, community: myCommunity });Sometimes, for whatever reason, as have been stated before, my community session will timeout, expire or just logout when I attempt a trade. I get the Not logged in error. Is there a simple way to check if myCommunity is logged out once it's attached to an offerManager? Or can I just check the loggedIn method on the myCommunity object? Do I need to reset cookies when I do this? Do I need to recreate my offerManager to set cookies? What's the recommended way?
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