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  1. Hi. I was trying to get group's members list by calling "getGroups" and I was expecting to have A Chat Room Group State object in response, which in turn should contain members - An array of Chat Room Member but all I got was "User Chat Room Group State". group_state: { user_chat_room_state: [Array], chat_group_id: '4817935', time_joined: 2019-03-12T22:26:00.000Z, desktop_notification_level: 0, mobile_notification_level: 0, time_last_group_ack: 2019-05-01T12:09:46.000Z, unread_indicator_muted: false } } ] So, I just don't know but something
  2. Hi, in my bot.config I have a masterclangroup ID64 set up so that my bot can join it. What I'd like to know is if it's necessary to have the bot joining at every boot and why? Secondly, is there a way to check if the bot has already joined my group and skip that process or is it unnecessary? Thanks
  3. Did like you suggested and it looks like it's working fine now! Thanks
  4. Hello My BoT is in a couple group chat rooms and is catching all messages starting with "!" in order to execute commands. I have an issue every time someone joins the chat room and Steam displays this: BoT returns: UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of null I thought that "messages" and server_messages were 2 different items, so why the error when my code is: function parseMessage(groupID, chatID, message, senderID, senderAccountID, sender) { if (message && !message.startsWith('!')) { return; } Isn't the "joined" stuf
  5. Thanks, worked! Any other places where bbcode is needed? Or any documentation relative to them?
  6. Hi Even though my BoT is addressing me with "@roughnecks" in group chat, I don't get highlighted. Any way to make this work? Thanks
  7. Just to be clear. zed.manager._steam.chat.getClanChatGroupInfo(103582791464211888, function (err, response) { if (!err) { console.log(response); } else { console.log(err); } }); That is my actual group clan id, but in response I'm getting: ======================================================= [11:37:11] [LOG][11:37:11] [LOG] { chat_group_summary: { chat_rooms: [ [Object] ], top_members: [ [steamID], [steamID], [steamID] ], role_ids: [], role_actions: [], party_beacons: [], chat_group_id: '5001420', chat_g
  8. zed.manager._steam.chat.joinGroup(groupId, function (err, response) But I don't have the correct groupId, which I thought I'd get using "getClanChatGroupInfo" first and looking at response (chat_group_summary).
  9. zed.manager._steam.chat.getClanChatGroupInfo(mygroupID64, function (err, response) { if (!err) { console.log(response); } else { console.log(err); } });
  10. OK but, as I said earlier, I got a different group info using my groupID64 and when I try to join it returns "error code 10".
  11. Hello. I'm trying to join a group of mine but I have issues with IDs. If I use <groupID64>number</groupID64> - taken from my group url after adding "/memberslistxml?xml=1" - in "chat.getClanChatGroupInfo" I get info about a group which isn't mine. Then if I try to join my group, either by using groupID64 or groupID I can read while editing my group on Steam ( http://i.imgur.com/zCUqOcd.png ) i get an eresult 10 (Busy). Can you clarify which ID is which and how do I get them? Thanks
  12. Hello. Can anyone make a code example on how to join a group chat, default "Home" channel?
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