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  1. Hello guys, I need to create node steam bot which will invite x amount of users triggered by command to the csgo community server. Is this even possible? I found some informations but they are using C++ libraries and that does not work for me. I mean something like this. The image is taken from internet so don't mind the text.
  2. Hello guys, My bot has !check [n] command which tells how much sets you get for a certain key. I want it as well to calculate the level the buyer would get if he bought that amount of sets. For example !check 5. For 5 keys you get let's say 50 sets. That is 5000 experience. I thought about adding that to current experience of buyer and then somehow calculating which level would that be. I will appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I used some open source bots, and configured it as I like it. Currently I want to add !buygems [n] option. I looked at many discussions, mostly on this site. My problem is I filter the gems, and type theirGems.amount = n * CONFIG.BUYINGGEMS(never mind what I put here). I tried to console.log theirGems and theirGems.amount and it says the same number as it should be n * CONFING.BUYINGGEMS but in the trade offer it adds whole sack of gems. https://pastebin.com/p70bwckf http://prntscr.com/kod0gg
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