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  1. Is it possible to use it on paints and paintable items?
  2. client.on("webSession", set_cookies) client.on("loggedOn", online) function online() { log("logged on") } function set_cookies(cookies) { log("cookies set") community.setCookies(cookies); } 24 Oct 14:28:58 - test: logged on 24 Oct 14:28:59 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:01 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:04 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:08 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:17 - test: cookies set
  3. community.postGroupComment(gid, content, () => { });
  4. is your /message file a .json or .js. Listen for file changes, it it's a .json you can just re-require it. I'm not sure if it works with .js file.
  5. I'm suspecting that somewhere in your code, clanid gets manipulated like parsing it as an integer. Know that: parseInt(103582791470169702) != 103582791470169702 parseInt("103582791470169702") != "103582791470169702" parseInt(103582791470169702) == parseInt(103582791470169702)
  6. declaring a language in constructor with an account that has over 10k items in steam and 1k on tf2 uses almost(and sometimes) over 1.5gb of ram?
  7. apibot


    is there a method to get values in descriptions like the getTag method?
  8. apibot


    is there a way to determine if the item is non-craftable or not using node-tf2 or inventories from trade-offer-manager? I guess I found it. Is it safe to assume the "not usable in crafting" in descriptions?
  9. if bot#1 retrieves a user's inventory via offer.getPartnerInventoryContents then saves it on a global variable, can bot#2 use the contents saved in the global variable to send an offer? assuming that inventory has not changed
  10. So, my bot cancels trade-offers after 30 minutes(now set to two hours). How do I check if the trade is already being accepted but not fully processed yet(for large trades like buying sets of cards). Yesterday, my bot cancelled a trade that was already accepted but not marked as accepted yet bc it consists atleast 300 or more cards and it usually takes a few minutes to process. It ended with some of my cards missing and my client's keys are missing too. I checked my bot's inventory history(not trade history) and it showed that some of the cards were traded, just traded without a name to whom it was traded to. Possible workaround is to remove automatic cancellation of trades
  11. Client is for polling and community for requests, right?
  12. Hi, i have a server with 5 public IPs, 1 for pihole dns/vpn 1 for my tradebot and the rest for other stuffs now, I use all three packages(user-tradeoffer-community) in my tradebot, and as I read in doc for user and community that you can pass a local address. If I pass one of my public ip(the one intended for tradebot) to my bot instance, will it use the IP too in trade-offer-manager requests? I'm passing steam-user instance to trade-offer-manager constructor. If I decided to host other people's bot using my extra public IPs, are the requests separate from each ip? Talking about rate-limits
  13. if I decided to make a counter-offer and call getPartnerInventoryContents, do I get inventory contents without the items in offer window? example scenario would be, in his offer window he placed 1000 steam gems and he got 1200 steam gems total, if I loop his steam inventory which is retrieved from getPartnerInventoryContents, will i get amount as 1200 or 200?
  14. are u getting values from receivedOfferChanged and/or sentOfferChanged?
  15. does .gamesPlayed counts toward ratelimit?
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