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  1. hey i want to send commend spesific user with protobufs how can i do that can i get some help
  2. hey i want to make a account checker with proxy but does'nt work code const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); var SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); const community = new SteamCommunity(); var colors = require('colors'); const readline = require('readline'); const fs = require('fs'); const fss = require('fs'); const config = require('./config.json'); let istenen= parseInt(config.miktar); var hesap; const Steama = require('steam-client'); let proxyci = new Steama.CMClient(); var client = new SteamUser(proxyci); if(err.message == "RateLimitExceeded") { if(proxysayar<proxyler.length) { console.log(`ratelimited son hesap ${user}:${pass} `.red); i++; console.log("sa as"); proxyci.setHttp-Proxy("http://"+proxyler[proxysayar]); proxysayar++; } else { return console.log(`i┼člemi durdurdum `.red); } }
  3. I want the bot to send the first item of its items to it when it uses a specific command. how can I do the issue of sending a swap
  4. i want to pull the total number of invitations of a certain person from the group history page I thought of doing it with selenium, but it's a system that will take a lot of effort, how can I do it the easy way
  5. i want to get the number of friends of a particular person. that's exactly how can i do it.
  6. bro actually i want to make a commend bot. I want to send a packet of compliments to the specific user after inserting it into the server In short, I set up an algorithm in my head, but I have no idea how to do it now.
  7. do u have idea ? how can i do that.. like this "CODE" /* GetActiveServer() { return doRequest.call(this, "IGameServersService/GetServerList", "v1", { limit: 1, filter: "\\appid\\730\\serverid\\\\" }, [ "response", "servers" ], Array.isArray); } server= (await helper.GetActiveServer()).shift().steamid; client.setGamesPlayed(server).catch(() => { }); */ bot playing cs but i cant see on server
  8. but it's possible, If I do this with server filtering and direct data from that filter to game assignment, it opens csgo but I can't see it on the server.
  9. I want to enter the account in any cs server and I want to get the ids of the people on the server or something. i have'nt idea about that how can i do it.
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