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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Thank you for reading my post. I have been scratching my head for a while, trying to figure out a method to find the Steam ID of someone who invites a user to a group. client.on("groupRelationship", (sid, relationship) => { if (relationship === 2) { client.respondToGroupInvite(sid, false); console.log("Group invite declined."); } }); } Currently, the only way I have managed to do it is by manually searching through the friends list to identify the friend who is in the group, as only friends can send group invites. However, this approach is certainly far from ideal. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thank you kindly and have a nice day.
  2. i want to pull the total number of invitations of a certain person from the group history page I thought of doing it with selenium, but it's a system that will take a lot of effort, how can I do it the easy way
  3. community.getGroupHistory(gid,page, (err,history)=>{ if(!err){ console.log(history); } else { console.error(err); } }); I wrote this code but you do not have the permissions to access this group attribute to me. showed error. gid = "103582791462876010";
  4. Hi, i want that bot make posts on my SteamGroup i have this code: var id = "OctaFox"; var headline = "Some fancy headline"; var content = "Just wanted to say Hello!"; community.getSteamGroup(id, (err, group) => { if(err) { throw err; } else { group.postAnnouncement(headline, content, (err) => { if(err) { throw err; }; }); }; }); The Bot is Admin, but on the SteamGroup i don`t see any post, and in console i don't have errors. Bot full sorce code --> https://github.com/xedom/xeSteamBot/blob/master/index.js Someone can help me? Thanks
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