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  1. Bots filter the message sent to the specific number (with .replace, .split, whatever) Then convert the data type of that string containing a number to an actual number with parseInt, then it processes the trade with X items
  2. Multi user I think, the bot invites a user and me. Currently the bot doesn't listen for chatEnter and chatLeft. Only chatUserJoined and charUserLeft, they are both emitted and leaveChat() causes an error in chatUserLeft. I can test chatEnter and chatLeft later today, does steam-user have a debug mode?
  3. In the code I posted in the original post it would crash every time a user left a chat. So that means my session expired?
  4. He isnt mean he is just saying that if you're not as experienced it's easy to make dumb mistakes, which can cause big issues
  5. Just trying to see if I was able to get the ranks of my friends without being online
  6. Then they would still both have to be in the same process because I don't think socket.io can 'travel' to other servers
  7. Title! I'm wondering because this would be the easiest way to make the bot and the website communicate in my opinion (Tell me if theres a better way though!)
  8. What do you mean? Btw I already solved it, used steam-users client as steamClient instead of node-steam's one
  9. I guess that's because you're on his friends list or something weird Steam did. Ask him for his trade link and try that
  10. Title, I am trying to use steam-user with csgo, https://github.com/joshuaferrara/node-csgo.
  11. I see you're using node-csgo. I tried to use it too but can't get it to work! Can you help me?
  12. NVM! I found out! AppID: 753, ContextID: 1 for Gifts, 3 for Coupons and 6 for Trading Cards, Backgrounds etc! http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetAppList/v2
  13. I know how to get inventories from games but I can't seem to find out how I can load my Steam Inventory......
  14. I tried that but it didn't work I did this: client.on("loggedOn", function(details, parental) { logonfunc(details, parental); }); client.removeListener("loggedOn", function(details, parental) { logonfunc(details, parental); }); And tried the same with removing the logonfunc function. How would I do it because I'm lost
  15. Yeah I get that but how do I remove steam-user listeners once they've been set. I've tried client.removeListener('loggedOn') but I got a lot of errors. I also tried searching in the steam-user files but what I tried didn't work either. "require('util').inherits(SteamUser, require('events').EventEmitter);"
  16. I still don't get it. Can you maybe help? :/
  17. You can log in with node-steam-user and set the cookies for community. You can use client.on("friendsList", function(){ console.log(client.myFriends); }); I have never done this myself but it should work if I read it right
  18. The title says it. I am making a bot which you can manage on a webpage. So every time you restart the bot it should remove and add the event listeners again.
  19. Yep I figured it out already. It's too much to explain tho and was a lotta copy pasting. And I didn't use JSON since I like using Javascript objects more. Dunno why, more familiar with it I guess. This is my trades.js file now: module.exports = { trade1: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade2: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade3: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade4: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade5: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade6: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade7: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade8: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade9: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" }, trade10: { "itemsToReceive": "", "itemsToGive": "" } } //all values represent the market_hash_names of the item
  20. Well I think it would be a lot easier if the bot receives offers, I am going to use it as trade bot to buy quicksells (csgo items via csgolounge), and to make it easy people can send their offers and instantly get accepted.
  21. I already tried this but it didn't work. Or doesn't multiple games mean that you can farm hours with multiple accounts? It did show I played the game on the date of today but it only showed that the first game in the array was being played
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