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Found 3 results

  1. I almost certainly know that Steam links accounts to each other by machine id. I am going to use this library to boost game hours on multiple accounts from one device. Will it help to hide inforation about my device that this library, as I understood from the description of the option machineIdType, sends Steam an unique machine id for each account? Did I understand correctly? And how safe is it to do this (of course, I will use unique proxies to log into accounts)?
  2. Hello Dr.McKay. First thanks for developing this projects. I need some tip and have question. I using 'node-steam-tradeoffer-manager' and make steam trade bot. My steam trade bot almost running month normally. 500+ trade success. Then my steam bot account got 'This account has violated the Steam Terms of Service Agreement' message. So I changed bot account but 7 days after second bot account got also this message. 1. How to avoid steam trade ban?, Trade bot is safe? And give me some information and tips. Ty.
  3. hi guys i had a csgo betting site that used 2 bots + 1 account for manage (not a bot just accept offers with the winnings there manually). Then i send the items manually to my acc also had 120 acc (not bot) for store of cases to wait for price up. they banned the 2 bots + the manage acc + my account + 73 of the store ones. i really dont get why they ban the store ones, are not related to the site. also i get 2 diferents "ban" message on bots and on store: Store acc: bot acc: just wanted to let you know that and if someone manage to recover any acc items.
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