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  1. hi guys i had a csgo betting site that used 2 bots + 1 account for manage (not a bot just accept offers with the winnings there manually). Then i send the items manually to my acc also had 120 acc (not bot) for store of cases to wait for price up. they banned the 2 bots + the manage acc + my account + 73 of the store ones. i really dont get why they ban the store ones, are not related to the site. also i get 2 diferents "ban" message on bots and on store: Store acc: bot acc: just wanted to let you know that and if someone manage to recover any acc items.
  2. i managed to make it work this way, maybe helps anyone: var steamUser = new SteamU(steamClient); var steamClient = new SteamC.CMClient(); var SteamWebLogOn = require('steam-weblogon'); var steamWebLogOn = new SteamWebLogOn(steamClient, steamUser); steamWebLogOn.webLogOn(function(sessionID, newCookie){ getSteamAPIKey({ sessionID: sessionID, webCookie: newCookie }, function(err, APIKey) { offers.setup({ sessionID: sessionID, webCookie: newCookie, APIKey: APIKey }); steamuserinfo.setup(APIKey); }); });
  3. im managing that manually, so i think the only solition with this ammount of bots its to change ip tnks! anyways i think that this localIP do not work on MobileConfirmations. tnks!
  4. i have a VPS with more than 1 ip and i want to asing 1 ip per bot (for mobile conf.) to avoid 429 its that posible?
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