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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am new to the coding world, and I have problem that confuses me on the utilizing of getUserDetails function. I've read about this here - getUserDetails but I am not sure how to make it happen actually. Here's my attempt on doing it on tf2-automatic trading bot, which I've successfully added the Discord Webhook Integration feature, but the only missing things is that the trade partner Avatar and Name. The webhook function has two, which it sends a successful trade summary and an offer that need to be reviewed. The picture attached is only for function that sends to discord for reviewing offer. I also tried creating a function to be called, but not shown in the picture (but in the file). Language used: TypeScript. If you don't mind trying to edit it for me, you can git clone my forked repo that I'm currently been working on this: git clone https://github.com/idinium96/tf2-automatic.git && git checkout partner-avatar-and-name && npm install and open the file MyHandler.ts in tf2automatic/src/classes/Myhandler.ts Thank you and I appreciate your help regarding this matters. I've edit the git repo to the branch that related to this topic.
  2. var offer = manager.createOffer(partnerId);offer.getUserDetails(function (err, them) {if(err){console.log(`Error getting trade info of partnerId; ${partnerId}\nerr:${err}`);}else{console.log(them.escrowDays);console.log(them.contexts);}}); Before I want to send an offer, I want to check the partner inventory. what will console.log(them.contexts); print? I can't test it because my bot account can't trade till 15 days are passed. Does it just print the contexts of the games that the partner have? If this is the case, is manager.getUserInventoryContents the way to get trade?
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