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Found 5 results

  1. For the first request I make usual request $steam = "http://steamcommunity.com/inventory/" . $steamid . "/440/2?l=english?count=1000"; $json = file_get_contents($steam); $data = json_decode($json, true); Then I get more_items = 1; last_assetid=123 and I want to do another request which starts with the last_assetid. I know that next $steam should have ?start_assetid=123, but don't have any idea how Would I do it to keep the old content. Please suggest me
  2. Hello, Is there any page that I enter steam id64 profile and show its whole friendlist? need to see how many items in steam items, csgo items, tf2 items If you know, please comment. well thank you.
  3. var offer = manager.createOffer(partnerId);offer.getUserDetails(function (err, them) {if(err){console.log(`Error getting trade info of partnerId; ${partnerId}\nerr:${err}`);}else{console.log(them.escrowDays);console.log(them.contexts);}}); Before I want to send an offer, I want to check the partner inventory. what will console.log(them.contexts); print? I can't test it because my bot account can't trade till 15 days are passed. Does it just print the contexts of the games that the partner have? If this is the case, is manager.getUserInventoryContents the way to get trade?
  4. Hello, i want to implement proxies in my bot so i can be a little more safe about hitting the api request limit. I found out that you have to use the same ip for all request once you login, so should i relogin and use a different ip everytime i want to load the inventory or should i i do it when i detected the response is null? Is there a better way of doing it? Thank you.
  5. Hello all! I want to ask, how I can parse user Steam inventory, because right now steam blocks ip for one minute, if I'm sending 2-3 requests. I'm using node.js, request.js, express.js. Thank you!
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