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shared_secret changing when first logging into mobile app after enabling two factor?


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I'm using steam-totp to automate logging in like so...  and it's prompting me for a steam guard code:

    accountName: 'user',
    password: 'pass',
    twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode(this.shared_secret)

I first used 


Then I used


and saved the response from calling enable two factor.

{ shared_secret: '***',
  serial_number: '***',
  revocation_code: '***',
  uri: '***',
  server_time: '***',
  account_name: 'user',
  token_gid: '***',
  identity_secret: '***',
  secret_1: '***=',
  status: 1 }

I then finalized my two factor 

user.finalizeTwoFactor(shared_secret, smsCode)

After this I logged into the steam mobile app - it prompted me for a steamguard code... so i clicked send SMS code to use this device and when I entered the code it allowed me to log into the steam mobile...


I have a feeling that this overrode my enableTwoFactor details I saved earlier...


Can anybody comment on this?


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It works with another account I have that I pulled the shared secret from my phone. I'll try the offset


edit: didn't have an offset. 


I'll check my shared secret on my phone and see if they match with what was generated with enableTwoFactor

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So the codes are different. I tried disabling two factor on my phone and re-ran the steps I mentioned above and it worked.


It appears if I want to have twoFactor enabled on my phone I need pull my shared and identity secret off my phone. Does this make sense?

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