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item id change after the trade

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I noticed that when I get an item from other people.. it's id change.


Then, I have a question: If I have to return it... how can I make sure it's the same item? For example: I can have 2 TF2 items with the same quality, the same unusual effect and the same level. Is there a way to check it? Another "secret id" to check?


Sorry if that was asked, but I didnt found it :(


Thanks and have a nice day :D


Edit: I found the main thread, "Identifying Steam Items", but I still don't get it, sorry :(

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Well... I'm stucked trying to get that work :(


I make the trade. I confirm it and then I send a request like this:

http://api.steampowered.com/IEconService/GetTradeStatus/v1/?key=*API key goes here*&format=json&tradeid=0123456789&get_descriptions=1&language=en

the trade ID I send is the one I get for the confirmation. The API key is the one I have.


OK. I check it before and after the trade is made... but I always get an empty JSON.


What I'm doing wrong? :(

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Sorry to ask again about this, but I can't find that methods. In which modules are they?


I can only find "GetOffer" or "GetOffers" on your "node-steam-tradeoffer-manager" module. (I tried that IDs, dind't work).


Also, thanks for your time and happy holidays! :D


Edit: I think I found that "tradeID", but I get always null:



isOurOffer: false,
  created: 2017-12-24T13:58:46.000Z,
  updated: 2017-12-24T13:58:51.000Z,
  expires: 2018-01-07T13:58:46.000Z,
  tradeID: null,
  fromRealTimeTrade: false,
  confirmationMethod: 0,
  escrowEnds: null,


Is this the tradeID you mean?

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GetTradeOffer and GetTradeOffers are the names of the API methods. getOffer and getOffers are the steam-tradeoffer-manager equivalents.


tradeID only exists when the offer has been accepted. If you're using steam-tradeoffer-manager you don't need to call the API yourself; you can use getExchangeDetails.

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