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Im found only this
but I do not know how to use it when I have it client.on('friendMessage', (steamid, message) please Help Thanks.
2 message per sec or remove 
setInterval(() => {
    for (let i = 0; i < Object.keys(userMsgs).length; i++) {
        if (userMsgs[Object.keys(userMsgs)] > 2) {
            client.chatMessage(Object.keys(userMsgs), "You have been removed for spamming. Another offense will get you blocked.");
    userMsgs = {};


}, 1000);
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Not really an answer, but here's a small code I use on my bot to prevent chat spam.

It will block a person who send same messages every 2 second.

var antispam;
var markedSteamID;

function spamtimer() { //when called, it will reset
	antispam = 0;
	markedSteamID = 0;

setInterval(spamtimer, 2000); //call spamtimer function every 2 sec

//.. your code here

client.on("friendMessage", function(senderID, message) {
        //anti spam
        if (senderID == admin){
              //Ignore if chat from admin
        else if ((antispam == message) && (markedSteamID == senderID.getSteamID64())) {

                           client.chatMessage(senderID, "I caught you spamming");

                           //do something, like block that person or something



                 //.. your code here.. to respond chat


                 antispam = message; //bot will record the message, will reset every 2 sec

                 markedSteamID = senderID.getSteamID64(); //bot will record SteamID of sender, will reset every 2 sec


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