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Hello, recently i saw your post about get game ticket. is there anyway to get PUBG game Ticket ?


GetEncryptedAppTicket wont work it gives me a error


client.on("loggedOn", function (dataAndEvents) {

    console.log("[bOT] Signed in!");
client.getEncryptedAppTicket(578080, function(err,ticket){
it gives undefined var... is there anyway to get the  ticket like in SteamWorks :  Using this function 
 greenworks.getAuthSessionTicket((data) => {
        ticket = data.ticket.toString('hex').toUpperCase();
      }, (err) => {
it returns something like this : 14000000AA709D6426279EE4DF689D1901001001DBEF735A180000000100000002000000A961CDB14E0FA8C0288A2C0021000000B20000003200000004000000DF689D190100100120D20800A961CDB14E0FA8C000000000D2DF735A528F8F5A0100844002000000000090A62D0F6CDB2A5F4E54A765AAD6D477A384ECF2DAF14CC7FA13A7E925FC7999FB53990D7AC185A77793C559481A674FCBF98774A9F723590940032FA61CB3CC6C19E931D55A19ADB0CEE94DBDF6104BC9FE5F97F8BBDA968F2E2FAD52C305B250DD8E6E3C8C317E960996F1F1AEBA774D602C14E5CE4989F30AB231D5B54355
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