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Chat commands /wait until the user sends a message/


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I've been trying to make async/await work. If someone sends specific message they get specific pre-written reply. I've done that using friendMessage ID event. Down the road, I need to catch the user's reply to include it in the reply. Well i assume if i give you an example of it. Ofc the user should start it as long as bot does something depends on the chat message/ i call it chat command/.


User: !addadmin

Bot: Who's it? Send the steamid64 to me.

User: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /*sends steamid64*/

Bot: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not in my friends list. Tell him to add me. OR Bot: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is in my friends list. Made him/her the master of me. 


It was an example. If you are able to, code the catching of user reply and using it in some checks then replies.

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