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It's now possible to generate a link to allow someone to add you as a friend without you needing to accept a request. These links look like

You can also access a profile using https://steamcommunity.com/user/user-id which will just redirect you to /id/ or /profiles/, depending on whether the profile has a custom URL set. These user IDs look like aaa-aaaa.
I don't know why it might be useful to convert a SteamID to friend-link user-id, but converting the user-id to a SteamID might be useful.
The friend-link user-ids are just the account's accountid (the lower 32 bits in the 64-bit SteamID, or the x part in [U:1:xxxx]), encoded in hexadecimal, with some character replacements, and with a dash added. Here are the replacements:
Hex = Letter
0   =   b
1   =   c
2   =   d
3   =   f
4   =   g
5   =   h
6   =   j
7   =   k
8   =   m
9   =   n
a   =   p
b   =   q
c   =   r
d   =   t
e   =   v
f   =   w
To convert a SteamID to a user-id, encode the accountid in hex and perform string replacements for the above characters. The hyphen isn't necessary for a final URL to work.
To convert a user-id to a SteamID, remove the dash and perform string replacements for the above characters. That gives you an accountid which you can turn into a SteamID using a platform-appropriate SteamID library.
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