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Hello, I don't really know if I'm doing it right.


I have VPS (where I idle steam game hours) and I have 2 the same idle scripts on VPS (different IP) and on local PC.

Sometimes I need to run idle script on local PC without killing session on VPS, but I getting error: LoggedInElsewhere, and I can't login with local PC, so I decided to try kickPlayingSession.


using this script: click 


bot.kickPlayingSession((callback) => { console.log(callback) });
bot.gamesPlayed(this.games, true);
then I getting crash in my app with:

Error: Cannot kick other session
but orginal session getting error too: LoggedInElsewhere, but its not crashing


can you please help me what I'm doing wrong here.

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I'm using this code on local script now (VPS session is running with diff IP):


bot.gamesPlayed(this.games, true);
but I'm still getting error on local PC with 'LoggedInElsewhere' and VPS session is untouched, what should I do if I want to kick VPS session during launching my idle scrip on local PC?



I edited something for test and force is undefined in console log


SteamUser.prototype.gamesPlayed = function(apps, force) {
	if (!(apps instanceof Array)) {
		apps = [apps];

	var self = this;
	if (this._playingBlocked && force) {
	} else {

	function doTheThing() {
		self._send(SteamUser.EMsg.ClientGamesPlayed, apps.map(function(app) {
			if (typeof app === 'string') {
				return {
					"game_id": "15190414816125648896",
					"game_extra_info": app

			if (typeof app === 'object') {
				return app;

			return {"game_id": app};
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if u want ur scripts stop playing game, u can use this code 


and then u can let another scripts playing the game.


u can let two or more scripts login one account at the same time,buy only one scripts can playing game

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