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EconItems: distinguish between Trading Card, Booster, Gems, Emote and Background

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Hi again :)


What is the best approach to determine if an Item belonging to Steam Inventory 753 - contextid 6 (steam community) - is a Card, Booster, etc...

I was looking at the "offer" object for an incoming offer and found out that Booster Packs and Gems are actually called like that under "type" but for cards, bgs and emotes it's a little different - some examples:


1)    type: '"Glow Ball" - The billiard puzzle game Trading Card',

2)    type: 'DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition Uncommon Emoticon',

3)    type: 'Unexpected Day Profile Background',


So, should I use the type value and match for e.g. "Emoticon" or is there a better way to identify those items' type?



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OK, so I got this from tags array for Emoticon:


    [ { internal_name: 'droprate_1',
    name: 'Uncommon',
    category: 'droprate',
    category_name: 'Rarity',
    localized_tag_name: 'Uncommon',
    color: '',
    localized_category_name: 'Rarity' },
  { internal_name: 'app_319180',
    name: 'Platypus II',
    category: 'Game',
    category_name: 'Game',
    localized_tag_name: 'Platypus II',
    color: '',
    localized_category_name: 'Game' },
  { internal_name: 'item_class_4',
    name: 'Emoticon',
    category: 'item_class',
    category_name: 'Item Type',
    localized_tag_name: 'Emoticon',
    color: '',
    localized_category_name: 'Item Type' } ]
Can you make an example on what should I extract from it?
EDIT: Can this be acceptable?
offer.itemsToReceive[0].tags.forEach(element => {
	if (element.internal_name.includes('item_class_2')) {
		console.log('It\'s a Card!');
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